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News | October 25, 2021
By Kyle Ethan V. Regalado

The eLearning Platform is the new learning environment in the new normal, which uses information and online communication technology as a platform for teaching and learning activities. Since this pandemic started, the traditional face-to-face learning method that provides live interaction between teachers and students has been suspended to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Although face-to-face classes were temporarily ceased; the Division of Marikina has the E-learning platform to ensure that learning will continue amidst the crisis. With the eLearning method, teachers and students are equipped with online classroom tools that enabled them to prepare, review and teach lessons on one platform, conduct recitations and quizzes, and communicate thru instant messaging.

For me as a 7th grade eLearner, I found it a little bit frightening at first because as they say, trying new things is scary in the beginning. The larger the change, the harder is the learning process. To overcome my fear, I just looked on the brighter side and trusted what the new learning process will benefit me during the course. I know that I will be able to easily adapt to the changes if I will be equipped with the right attitude and complete set of tools.

When I started using the eLearning platform, I was exposed to numerous struggles and problems. There were times that internet connection was not reliable due to technical issues, unable to fully concentrate because of the noise and different distractions at home such as social media, television and family which pull my attention away from the task that I am engaged to. Most of the time, bulk of activities is assigned to us which add up to the everyday struggle. Thankfully, there is this E-learning portal where I search all the activities, assessments, lessons, and announcements which help and empower me to acquire all the necessary, useful, and relevant information that I need.

The eLearning platform had been very effective and efficient for our asynchronous lessons. It serves as a one stop shop which offers all the necessary and important data which indeed helped the students to save time and effort especially on visiting several and separate sites. By consistently utilizing the portal, I was able to know every aspect and usage of it, making it very handy and convenient to use. I can say that the platform lessens the burden every student has on his everyday learning process.

My parents played a very big part in eLearning journey. They helped and guided me by discussing the online course work daily. They taught me about the management of time for each activity, setting up the right mindset and correct approach towards every task. They constantly motivated and taught me how to focus and keep my composure despite the high volume of activities and assessments.

In summary, my learning experiences with the eLearning platform is fun and interesting. Add to this, being one of the awardees of the digital badges back in Grade 7 encouraged me to study and work harder.

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