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eLearning is a modern and effective method of teaching and learning process.
The eLearning Program is one of the Alternative Delivery Modes offered by the Schools Division of Marikina to provide an option for learners in availing educational services.
  • December 5, 2012 - the first meeting to formally start the development of the program was conducted at the Schools Division Office of Marikina City. The Executive Committee led by Dr. Elizabeth E. Quesada, Schools Division Superintendent together with the different working committees headed by Mr. Joseph T. Santos, the Program head.
  • SY 2013-2014 - first year of implementation at four secondary schools in Marikina were chosen to implement the program to Grade 7 students; Marikina Science High School, Tañong High School, Parang High School and Fortune High School.
  • With the theme, “Creating Better Opportunities for Learners and Teachers through ICT,” the program focuses on giving the students quality education anytime, anywhere via Electronic Learning.
  • Its full implementation hoped to have strong impact on learning outcomes and improve school’s key performance indicators, which supports the mission and vision of the Division.
  • Meanwhile, on July 23, 2012, a bill authored by then Congressman, now our City Mayor, Honorable Marcelino R. Teodoro, creating a high school in Barangay Jesus Dela Peña was approved. Thus, Jesus Dela Peña National High School was established.
  • SY 2014-2015 – Jesus Dela Peña National High School was opened as the Center for eLearning (housed at Leodegario Victorino Elementary School)
    while Marikina Science High School remained as one of the implementing schools of eLearning.
  • 2015 - started the construction of the two buildings for Jesus Dela Peña National High School
    • Capability Training for eTeachers and eDesigners was conducted
    • eDesigners and eTeachers were given laptops to be used for the program
  • 2016 - Flipped Learning was introduced as one of the approaches in online learning
    • Partnered with NSD, a South Korean based company for the benchmarking of best practices for effective implementation of the program.
    • JDPNHS opened its doors to Senior High School students. The two courses it offers are Computer Programming and Animation which are in line with the thrust of the school that is to integrate ICT in teaching-learning process.
  • 2017 - JDPNHS conducted digitized periodical exam in English using UBT-TMS
  • 2018 - Partnered with Globe and the LGU of Marikina for the provision of Tablets and development of eLearning Resource Center
    August 3, 2018 - the new school buildings were inaugurated with the new offices and service centers such as the Principal’s Office, Registrar’s Office, Prefect of Discipline and Guidance Counselor’s Office, Faculty Room, E-Learning Resource Center, Conference Area, Clinic, Science Laboratory, Computer and Animation Rooms, Cafeteria and others.
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  • The number of eLearning students is growing.
  • The parents as well as teachers became more open-minded with the program, support from different stakeholders, private sectors and LGU is continuously coming in, the modules, eLearning website and facilities in the school are also improving.
  • Indeed, the program is true to its vision. It is now producing students who are lifelong learners, functionally literate, appreciative of arts and sports with the help of Information and Computer Technology, and imbued with the desirable values; character, discipline, good taste and excellence.
  • 2019 - The expansion plan of the eLearning Program for other schools all over Marikina was proposed.
    • Enhancement of the standard materials in the eLearning platform was initiated. EPSs and PSDSs closely monitored the program implementation
    • ALS started using the eLearning Platform
  • 2020 - The Covid 19 pandemic poses a big challenge in the field of education. SDO Marikina is fortunate to have this eLearning Program which can be utilized for Secondary and Senior High School Students.
  • At present, series of Webinars, led by JDPNHS eTeachers, for all Secondary teachers on the implementation of the eLearning Program, and upgrading of the system of the eLearning platform are ongoing simultaneously. This is made possible through the effort of the LGU and SDO Marikina.

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