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Date Posted: November 11, 2017
Speech of Thanks

Gabrielle Mae Baiza Austriaco

Firstly, a pleasant afternoon to everyone, to the awardees, the completers, parents, faculty staffs, principal and guests.

It has been a long day, really a long day. It was as if everything passed by like a blur. It feels as if it’s only yesterday, we were getting prepared for our first day in high school, only getting introduced to a new set of friends and only seeing the alphabet mixing with numbers for the first time. I remember how small we were when we entered here. I remember the shaking of our hands, the anticipation in our fingers, the eagerness to know what high school will bring and what our school will contribute to us as individuals.   Continue reading..

But most of all, I remember the small hesitance within me four years ago, the endless question around the lines of if it was really ideal for me to walk my path through high school years in a different system - The eLearning.

I am originally from Parang High School. It was where I was first introduced to the E-Learning Program. Just like the other pioneer students of E-Learning, we all thought thoroughly, not only twice, thrice, not even four times. Let me tell you; we considered and weighed our options, a lot.

At the first quarter of the school year, many adjustments were made. There come some struggles because E-learning was only starting at that time; and according to James Cash Penny, it is always the start that requires the greatest effort. We only had limited teachers, limited budget, limited equipment but those weren't hindrances to the quality and advanced education it offered. And despite that we're no regular students in school, always attending class five times a week, that didn't make us less. We were advanced in learning, it was more convenient for the students. Who doesn't want to learn anytime, anywhere?

At eighth grade, we moved in to our new school, Jesus Dela Peña National High School, the center for eLearning in Marikina City. We've seen how small classes from different schools were gathered to build new friendships, create memories and absorb knowledge and learning. How the small group of eight teachers were slowly getting larger and larger.

We were there in every deliver of excellent education to every student of our school. We've witnessed the rise of Jesus Dela Peña National High School in ranks, in its way to the top.

Now, we're few only steps away from our dreams - dreams that this school and the eLearning system helped us build and see. Our junior high school years will end today, but the memories and learning will forever be engraved in us. You've shaped us into the people we've always wanted to become. This...this is the kind of person I've dreamed to be four years ago. You molded us into the best we can be. Yes, you didn't give us wings, but what you did is guide us where to find and how to use them.

Jesus Dela Peña National High School is and will always be a great part of us. These are the people we've dreamed of becoming, that we've strived hard to reach. It is all thanks to our alma mater, we will be forever grateful that we chose this school, no, this school chose us - and we are very proud of it.

Thank you, Sir Joseph for bringing life to eLearning Program. Thank you, for making Jesus Dela Peña National High School possible. For guiding us all the way, ever since the beginning - and still continuing to steer this ship up to this very moment. Thank you.

Thank you to the pioneer teachers of the E-Learning Program, to my former adviser, Ms. Bielynda C. Daelo. We are grateful for your support and the hardships you've went through for us to reach where we are in right now.

Thank you to the addition of teachers, for being an increase to the family of faculty staffs here in our school, for giving us support and motivation in these past years and for sharing your most valuable lessons with us.

Thank you to my adviser and former advisers, Ms. Mary Ferlyn Santos, Ms. Bernadette Senado and Mr. Ralph Jabinales for being my second parent, just as when I was astray in which path to take in regards to academic matters.

Thank you, classmates and schoolmates for the hard work and for overcoming all the barriers that were sent your way, for not giving up and continuing to strive hard amidst all the difficulties.

Thank you, our dear parents for supporting your children and being with us at every part of our journey. For the never-ending love and guidance you had given us. To my mom, I hope I made you proud. I hope I am also the daughter you've wanted me to become. Thank you.

Thank you, Jesus Dela Peña, for all the teachings and valuable lessons you've given us. For all the knowledge you shared, and for the light you've helped us see. Your hand has always been our guide towards the future we envisioned not only for ourselves, but the people who helped us along the process. Because of you, we are finally here, standing proud for the world to see.

And above all, thank you God. Thank you for gathering us, the teachers, the students and our parents in this school. Thank you for letting us meet such wonderful people, and having them as a part of our journey. The next time we see each other again, please let it be one sunny day, with diplomas at hand, bright smile on our faces, and memories that will forever be in our hearts. Thank you, Lord.

And well, It still hasn't completely sunk in, that the classroom we were in just a moment ago, might be the last chance for us to share the same classroom. Today, our days as junior high school will end, and we are ought to take new challenges, face greater hindrances and find new friends. It's just like back to the first day of school, a new beginning the only difference is we know so much more now. We are stronger. If we were the people from back then, we'll definitely run away, but not us, because we are no longer them.

Sure, there are times we wished for it to stop, for everything to cease, but look around you. If we had given up in the middle of the journey, will we be able to witness and say that finally, we made it? We've come this far, and we'll surely come farther.

Thank you, Adobe, for being my second family. Each and one of you is special to my heart. Thank you friends, I didn't want to mention names but I figured this might be my last time to do this on stage. To tres, kim, ana, jeremiah, maicha, erson, angela, alex, alyssa, charlize, tara, roem, cathleen, serhina, diane, heny, keith, geneva, Ivan, karen, leila, archie, andrea, abby, aron and milcah. Most specially to my best friends, ever since the start of Grade 7 and up until now still supporting me in every part of the journey, Carla and Sophia. You all did a great part, in molding what I am right now and I am very grateful.

Let us always remember, we stand on the same ground. This is a race to finish. We were once in the same line and as the race goes on, we've already accepted there are things we might leave behind in order to run faster, better. But never, ever, lose sight of the finish line because the people you've left behind, the people who've cheered you up, you'll meet them again, eventually. It doesn't matter who wins, and loses, because this will always be the home we get back to the arms of our friends, parents, teachers, school and God. We won't finish unharmed, but remember that your battle scars will always be beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

And now, it's time, time to let go of each other's hand. Time to accept that we're no kids anymore and there's greater tests that we'll have to face, time to understand that there are people that might not be in our tomorrow. Yes, it's time for the end, but the memory will always, always, always, remain.

So for the last time let us repeat our glorious words, one goal for greatness, one taste for excellence and one proud Jesus Dela Penians!

So once more, good afternoon and good luck to everyone!

Date Posted: September 13, 2017
JDPNHS bags 8 gold medals in 19th Division Schools Press Conference and Contest

Jesus Dela Peña National High School bagged 8 Gold medals in the recently concluded 19th Division Schools Press Conference and Contest held at Concepcion Elementary School on September 6.

Announcement of winners and Awarding Ceremony was held at NCLC on September 11 and attended by the E-Journalists and School Paper Advisers, Cristina S. Barde and Maru U. Panganiban.

In English category, the winners are: Loraine Grace Bautista, 8th place in photojournalism; Aicha R. Sacro, 7th place in Feature Writing; and Robert Ariel Aducal, 5th place, Editorial Cartooning. While in Filipino Category, we have Angelica Mae Loyola, 2nd place, Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo; Remark C. Robas, 2nd place, Pagkuha ng Larawan; Leo Verdad, 7th place, Pagsulat ng Balita; Justine Rhem D. Oida, 10th place, Pagsulat ng Editoryal; and John Matthew A. Alvarez, 10th place, Agham at Panteknolohiya.

Date Posted: September 13, 2017
A grade 10-Patience of Marikina Science High School won 2nd Place in Technical Drafting using AutoCad during the 6th Division Technolympics 2017 held at Jesus Dela Peña National High School last September 4, 2017.
Date Posted: September 13, 2017
A grade 11-Intel of Jesus Dela Peña National High School won 2nd Place in Computer Systems Servicing during the 6th Division Technolympics 2017 held at Jesus Dela Peña National High School last September 4, 2017.
Date Posted: September 13, 2017
A grade 12-JAVA of Jesus Dela Peña National High School won 3rd Place in Technical Drafting using AutoCad during the 6th Division Technolympics 2017 held at Jesus Dela Peña National High School last September 4, 2017.
Continuous Advocacy Campaign and Enrollment
The Division Office conducts continuous advocacy campaigns and programs to disseminate the information to the field and at the same time to attract future enrollees. The two implementing schools post tarpaulins of the E-Learning program at their facade. The class advisers discuss the program to the parents during Parents - Teachers Conference (PTC) or in any event or activity of the school if given a chance. This is to sustain the enrollment and to ensure maximum participation of the stakeholders for the success of the E-Learning program.

The administrators are looking for partners who believe in the project and who can help support the financial need of the program.

This Office is looking forward to implement this program up to Senior High School.
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