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Date Posted: December 4, 2017
Have You Scene This?

By: Gabriel Vasquez

“… life is just one story. The one page called today, this one scene connects with others, overlaps and turns into a story.”

If story line is king then the youth is its queen that steers the kingdom’s direction. It is in high school when students approach the peak of lust for adventure and imagination. This factor, alongside technological advancement, enables these students to become great film makers and create masterpieces.

That’s why the Supreme Student Government decided to propose, adapt and later on implement a very notable event which is the Indite Film Festival. The title holds two definitions, “Indite” which means to compose or produce and the other which is “Indie”, a colloquialism of Independence or Independence, both of which is a total fit to film making. This kind-of-hidden spear carrier is more obvious on the first event poster.

Students were tasked to form their own Production Team and were given three months to create their short-film themed to promote Integrity and respect and is open to all genre. All aspects of art in filming were aimed to be enhanced and performed by the Prod-teams. From directing, acting, cinematography, editing and of course the composition of each own sound-track which is sighted to discourage plagiarism. Something frowned upon by everyone in the art domain.

The official film posters were already released to the public for online voting. All that is left for us to wait and witness are the Official Sound Tracks and the Short Films themselves.

Date Posted: December 9, 2017
Dela Penian snatched 1st place in PMHA’s On the Spot Essay Writing Contest

By: Cristina Sison Barde

“Promoting Mental health isn’t only about sanity but focuses on one’s individuality.”

Another Dela Penian, Alyanna B. Castillo, triumphantly snatched 1st place in “On the Spot Essay Writing Contest” by Philippine Mental Health Association held in Marikina High School last October. This was joined by Secondary Schools in Marikina City.

According to her, “It was quite challenging for me to write about the theme –The use of social media in promoting mental health. I don’t really have much idea about it especially mental health. Thanks to Ma’am Agnes for orienting me and of course to God for I was able to win.”

Date Posted: November 29, 2017
JDPNHS wins first place in ESP Division Poster Making Contest

By: Cristina Sison Barde

Christian Aaron Fabian, a Grade 10 student won first place in the recently concluded ESP Division Contest in Poster Making held at Concepcion Elementary School, Nov. 28, 2017.

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Department celebrated Filipino Values month with the theme, Pagkakaisa at pagkamahinahon: Tugon sa Mapanghamon at Makabagong Panahon. Poster Making Contest was joined by 15 student participants. Other contests were Bible Quiz, Tagis Talino, Jingle and Slogan Making.

Awarding of winners was held the same day.

Continuous Advocacy Campaign and Enrollment
The Division Office conducts continuous advocacy campaigns and programs to disseminate the information to the field and at the same time to attract future enrollees. The two implementing schools post tarpaulins of the E-Learning program at their facade. The class advisers discuss the program to the parents during Parents - Teachers Conference (PTC) or in any event or activity of the school if given a chance. This is to sustain the enrollment and to ensure maximum participation of the stakeholders for the success of the E-Learning program.

The administrators are looking for partners who believe in the project and who can help support the financial need of the program.

This Office is looking forward to implement this program up to Senior High School.
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