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Continuous Advocacy Campaign and Enrollment

The Division Office conducts continuous advocacy campaigns and programs to disseminate the information to the field and at the same time to attract future enrollees. The two implementing schools post tarpaulins of the eLearning program at their facade. The class advisers discuss the program to the parents during Parents - Teachers Conference (PTC) or in any event or activity of the school if given a chance.This is to sustain the enrollment and to ensure maximum participation of the stakeholders for the success of the eLearning program.

The administrators are looking for partners who believe in the project and who can help support the financial need of the program.

This Office is looking forward to implement this program up to Senior High School.

Project Benefits
  • provides learning opportunities to teachers and learners “anytime”, “anywhere”.
  • prepares teachers and learners for the knowledge-based economy.
  • offers opportunities to teachers and learners to indulge in ICT integration in the teaching and learning process.
  • allows teachers and learners to cope with the fast-changing technology.
  • equips teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills in ICT.
  • helps students to save money, time and effort in going to school.
eLearning Enrollment Process
  • Fill out application form
  • Entrance examination
  • Interview
  • Final enlistment
Qualification and Retention
Jesus Dela Peña National High School
  • With at least 80% general average
Marikina Science High School
  • Passed the admission test
  • With at least 85% general average
Guidelines on Retention(MARISCI)
  1. Maintain an average grade of 85%
  2. With at least 83% of grade for add-ons